Barbara Murphy & Mike MacDonald Wedding 2017 

Dublin, Ireland

Barbara and Mike always planned to wed in two different countries, firstly in Dublin, Ireland and finally in Wellington, New Zealand to enable them to share the special day with family and friends in both locations.
To bring a piece of Kiwi culture to Ireland they selected the Makareta korowai which proved to be popular with the Irish and Scottish guests who hadn't seen a korowai before. As Barbara said later "it was both a stunning item and a wonderful symbolic tradition."


The photographs above taken by Will O'Reilly Photography, Goatstown, Dublin, Ireland. 

 Wellington, New Zealand


The photographs above taken by Mel Waite Photography, Wellington, New Zealand. 

Barbara also commented: "Fantastically, your beautiful korowai fitted in with my dress very well and it almost seemed one piece. Both times, in Dublin and in Wellington, strangers who saw us wanted to take photos of the korowai because they thought it was so beautiful."
We think the bride and groom look stunning and beautiful too and our favourite is when Mike is placing the korowai on Barbara before the ceremony bringing our cultures closer in a unique part of their first steps together. 
Aroha mai, aroha atu