About WeaveRdream

Whakapapa and heritage
Whakatere te Maunga
Moehau te Awa
Tuhirangi Marae
Ngatokimatawharua te Waka
Ohahu te Urupa
Ngapuhi te Iwi
Te Mahurehure te Hapu
Waima te kainga tuturu
Hokianga, Tai Toke Rau te Rohe
Mohi Tawhai te Tupuna

WeaveRdream is an Auckland based business run by Dorothy Stowers – a creative and skilled weaver.

She has a strong connection to weaving and loves using contemporary material. She uses different mediums and textures to create stunning bespoke designs for weddings and other special occasions. For her, weaving is a way to embrace her culture and she has discovered a deep passion for the beautiful craft – hence WeaveRdream was born.

Dorothy started weaving in August 2013 when a friend enrolled them in a Korowai class. She'd like to acknowledge her tutors from Whiri Aroha at Papakura Marae. Ida White and Christine Smith for sharing their knowledge and passion for weaving, and to fellow weavers - thank you for the support and Inspiration.

Last year I made three korowai's for a 21st and a family Wedding. My nephew and his Australian bride came back to NZ to get married at Omapere in November 2014. 

The wairua (spirit) that emanated through me when I placed the Korowai's on my nephew Harley and his bride Mandy this gave me goose bumps and it signalled that this was a path for me in the future. 
I could not ignore the feeling and this led me to give up my full time employment to pursue a new found passion.
Kia hora te marino,
Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana,
kia tere te 
i mua i tōu huarahi.
May the calm be widespread,
may the ocean glisten as greenstone,

may the shimmer of light
ever dance across your pathway. 

(Maori proverb)

Supplier Acknowledgements

Bouquets by Artiflax - artiflax.co.nz 

Taonga's supplied by The Bone Art Place - www.boneart.co.nz

Photography by Ivana & Milan - ivanaandmilan.co.nz/aboutus

Models - Shan Red Phares, Findlay Jacob-Sauer & Emma Gleeson Stokes

Alicia Hennessy ( Australian Make up Artist) for model Kurt Stowers.

Harley & Mandy Clark

Dorothy Stowers is also a member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Dorothy Stowers Auckland Chamber of Commerce